The project

Energy efficient pool lights

The new pool "De Slag" in Hardenberg is completely illuminated with energy-saving EVA Optic LED pool lights. Due to the EVA LED lighting the energy consumption of the lighting system is relatively very low. Smart programming saves additional energy. The program is tailored to the weekly program of the pool. With the press of a button groups of luminaires are dimmed back to a minimum level. Only the areas that are in use remain optimally illuminated. This increases the energy saving significantly.

LED linear lights above platforms around the pool

EVAline Aqua HE is the modular LED lighting system used for illumination of the competition pool. This system consists of a core module of anodized aluminum. The light modules are connected to the core module with an easy click system.

The light output well meets the requirements for a Class 1 competition pool (500 lux). Nevertheless, it was not necessary to place luminaires directly above the basin. All linear lighting is located above the platforms surrounding the pool. This is very pleasant for swimmers, because glare is therefore not an issue.

Specially developed LED pool lights

Above the competition pool some downlights are mounted in the ceiling. These same lights are also mounted above the leisure pool, the tribunes, in locker rooms, showers, toilets and the entrance. EVAline as well as the EVA DL Aqua HE downlights are designed specifically for swimming pool environments and meet the necessary safety requirements (fixings, materials and chemical treatments).

LED underwater lighting improves pool safety through better visibility. But also in various leisure activities the multicoloured underwater lights give the property an instant colour metamorphosis, improving the attractiveness of the pool.

Project information

  • Project: Commercial pool De Slag

  • Location: Hardenberg (Netherlands)

  • Type: Public pool


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