The project

The Noorderparkbad in Amsterdam was newly built at the end of 2015. EVA Optic supplied the LED lighting of this attractive public pool.

The unique diamond-shaped wooden roof was a great challenge for our lighting consultants. Our advisor Jan van Loon came up with a unique solution with black anodized EVAline fixtures. The black EVAline Aqua HE luminaires were built into the wooden ceiling. The division of the fixtures not only ensures optimal uniform illumination, but also strengthens the accommodations design. The required light output of 500 lux (600 lux at the start and turning points) was easily achieved.

The LED underwater lights (types A2 and Q1) were applied in various basins. The underwater lights increase not only the atmosphere, but are also useful tools for supervisors. Through selection of the right light colour the light penetrates far into the water. The light is absorbed only minimally so that the basin is uniformly illuminated to the bottom op the pool.

Over the leisure pool EVA LED Downlights (type Aqua HE) are built into the ceilings. These fixtures are also used for the entrance, changing rooms and wet rooms elsewhere in the building. The Aqua HE luminaires are designed specifically for pool environments, where the requirements in terms of heat, humidity and chlorine fumes are high. Regular lighting is not suitable to use here. EVA Optic lighting is safe and meets all national and international standards and guidelines in the area of materials and fixings in swimming pool environments.

Project information

  • Project: Noorderparkbad

  • Location: Amsterdam (Netherlands)

  • Type: Commercial pools

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