Underwater lighting

EVA LED underwater lighting has long been internationally known for its rock-solid product quality and high light output. EVA underwater lights are used in competition swimming pools, recreational pools, wellness centers, exclusive projects and residential pools. But also on luxury yachts, in diving tanks, shipping docks and sluices as fish repellant system. Since 2011 the Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs have exclusively chosen EVA LED underwater lights for their subtropical waterparks.

The underwater LED lighting models of EVA Optic demonstrably comply with the international safety standard for underwater lighting IEC EN 605982-18. The models (and components) are tested for electrical safety (SELV), watertightness (IPX8/IP68) insulation class (III), impact resistance, mechanical strength, resistance to high pressure, thermal protection and fire safety.

The newest serie EVA LED underwater lights consist of the EVA Q2 10W, the EVA A6 20W and the EVA A12 40W. All luminaires underwater lighting are equipped with RGBW LEDs. You can choose a mono colour version, where you decide on the light colour no earlier than during installation, or a RGBW multicolour version comes with a DMX driver. This enables full control of your luminaires with the EVA ArchiTech EVO DMX controller, tablet, smartphone or PC. You can change light colour and light intensity (dimming) at any time. You can even create your own light scenes and play themtailored to your needs.

EVA LED underwater lighting is distributed worldwide through a dedicated distribution network. Contact us for the distributor in your region.