Historical buildings

EVA Optic developed especially for palaces, museums and historic interiors the EVA LED Candle. The LED candle lighting is very close to an authenic candle and is ideal for historical lighting in a palace, museum or chandelier.

The appearance of the LED candle is virtually indistinguishable from an authentic wax candle. The size and the shape of the flame are identical to that of a wax candle. In addition, the colour temperature of the LED candle is similar to an incandescent light source. The colour fastness is with an CRI (and CQS) of 98 out of 100 nearly perfect. Artworks are displayed very realistically in the light of the EVA LED Candle. An absolute must in historical settings!

The EVA LED Candle can easily replace existing incandescent and halogen candle bulbs in chandeliers. DMX 512 data is transmitted via a specially developed power converter over the standard 2-wire powerline in the electrified luminaire. This allows the LED candle to have extensive dimming and control options without any necessary modifications to the existing wiring of the luminaire.

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