Ecodynamic lighting

Public lighting is essential, for road safety but also for social security. In natural environments, artificial lighting can also have adverse effects. The habitat of animals may be seriously disrupted by artificial lighting.

Ecodynamic lighting is a concept that was conceived by Grontmij. EVA Optic developed the lighting technology for this concept. With ecodynamic lighting we intend to optimally unite nature and the living environment. The light follows nature by simulating morning and evening colours using advanced LED technology. During night hours the light is dimmed by default. Presence is detected and the lighting level automatically goes up to improve safety. Ecodynamic lighting is public lighting tailored to both people and animals.

Ecodynamic lighting can also be used for other purposes. In case of fog, light colour and brightness are adjusted for optimal visibility. In case of emergencies, lights can quickly be set to maximum brightness and intensity. Ecodynamic lighting also offers a solution for social disturbances in city centers and entertainment areas. Light colours can have a strong dissuasive effect, to avoid loitering in the streets and also drugs inconvenience.

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