Swimming pools and waterparks

There are only a few areas with higher requirements of a lighting system than a swimming pool. Heat, moisture and chlorine: it is often underestimated how great the influence of these factors is on the products contained in a swimming pool. Regular lighting is not sufficiently resistant to the swimming pool environment. EVA Optic developed a complete range of LED lighting specifically for the aggressive swimming pool environment: the Aqua HE product line.

Underwater lighting

EVA LED underwater lighting has long been internationally known for its rock-solid product quality and high light output. EVA underwater lights are used in competition swimming pools, recreational pools and exclusive projects and residential pools. Since 2011 the Groupe Pierre & Vacances Center Parcs have exclusively chosen EVA LED underwater lights for their subtropical waterparks. Read more about the underwater lighting of EVA Optic.

Attractive light show

With the EVA Aqua HE products recreational swimming pools can easily create and play spectacular light shows. The multi-colour RGBW lighting above and below water give an instant metamorphosis to each accommodation. By the EVA ArchiTech EVO DMX controller or with your laptop, smartphone or tablet, you can transform the entire pool with just one push on the button. Pre-programmed weekly programs provide extra power saving and synchronization of lighting with music offers a totally new experience. We are happy to assist you in programming your new lighting system to achieve the optimal effect in your accommodation.

Topsport lighting

Also for topsport swimming pool accommodations and Olympic pools, the EVA Aqua HE product line offers many possibilities. EVA LED lighting fixtures illuminate accommodations in a special bright white light color. This colour penetrates deep into the water. EVA Aqua HE lighting is powerful enough to meet all (inter)national requirements (among others FINA). The low glare rate and low flicker index (flicker-free lighting) provide optimal swimming conditions for competitive swimmers, including backstroke swimmers.

In many cases, installation of luminaires above the basin is not even necessary. The luminaires are mounted above the platforms surrounding the pool. This makes installation and maintenance a lot easier. Swimmers do not experience any discomfort from the pool lighting. Due to the high efficiency of EVA LED lighting (high light output at low power consumption), the savings in practice are very high. The investment is often returned within 3-5 years.

Total solution

EVA Optic offers a complete range of lighting to fully equip every type of swimming pool with efficient, high-quality LED lighting. From linear lighting and downlights to spotlights, wall lights and underwater lights. Whether you are looking for pool lighting for top sports accommodations or recreational swimming pools: EVA offers it!